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New State Farm Agent Services

We have learned over the years that many new agents do not have the experience or training with regards to the accounting and tax issues small business owners encounter. As a result of the need for this education, we have written a New Agent Training Manual that provides new agents with important information as they begin their career. One of the biggest mistakes any agent can make is to get behind on taxes. We stress the concept of "Never Ever Get Behind on Taxes". Our experience has shown those agents that get behind on taxes will struggle for years to get current with their taxes. Our goal is to educate and train our clients to avoid this pitfall.

We offer a new agent training seminar in areas all over the country. This training manual is handed out and presented over 3-4 hours to agents still in the State Farm training program. The classroom setting allows for a new agent to learn and ask questions in a group setting among their peers.

In addition to the classroom seminar, we offer the same training seminar in a one-on-one telephone conference. This method allows for very specific individual training. We cover all of the topics as in a classroom setting. In addition, we prepare tax projections for the first year of agency. Our goal is to prepare the agent for the taxes they will incur as a self-employed individual. 

Listed below are some of the topics we discuss during the training conference:

  1. Entity Selection

  2. Pre-opening expenses

  3. Numerous tax topics that specifically relate to State Farm agents

  4. Employee benefits

  5. Quicken or QuickBooks Set-up

  6. How to project your tax liability.

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